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Parkside at Castleton

Indianapolis, IN

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Our Guiding Values

  • We create the future:

    A culture committed to innovation

  • We will be the best at what we do:

    A daily discipline of choosing excellence

  • We passionately value people and their dreams:

    A core desire to know and understand people

  • We will find a way:

    A tenacious will to succeed

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Our Dynamic Approach to Property Management

Welcome to Wilkinson Asset Management (WAM) and our performance-based management platform.

Whether it's Conventional Multifamily housing, Student and University housing, Senior housing or Office we are committed to providing you, our institutional clients, with exceptional operational performance month after month. How do we do this?

It's simple and fundamental to everything we do-our goal is to be the best, period. We want the best operator status and employer of choice recognition in every location we operate. To this end, we focus on operating fundamentals and on people-coaching, mentoring, developing, parenting, and cheering property teams to inspire personal best performance.

We have a very hands-on collaborative approach, with decades of line experience and operational expertise. This gives our clients a powerful edge in a very competitive real estate environment. WAM's management team is comprised of experts in the field of multifamily operations, research and redevelopment. We have particular expertise in operational excellence, property turnarounds, and value added community repositioning.