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Asset Management

Wilkinson Asset Management (WAM) is responsible for stewarding assets to ensure they deliver maximum financial performance. WAM also provides oversight and performance guidance to both in-house and third-party property management companies. We manage our business by setting standards of excellence in the following key areas:

  • Sales Management
  • A/R Collections & Risk Management
  • Customer Service
  • Expense Management
  • People Development
  • Performance Metrics

Asset Management Reporting


Wilkinson Asset Management (WAM) generates quarterly Investor Reports via the Investor Connections newsletter, which is broken into the following sections:

  1. Investor Rent Payments. We start by discussing the status of Investor Payments.
  2. How's Business? Then we discuss the run rate trend for key indicators: Revenue, Expense, and NOI.
  3. Property Management. Then we discuss managed company initiatives in place to drive performance.
  4. Income Statements. Finally we discuss any income statement variances to plan.


WAM generates monthly financials and performance trending reports for clients' review. The reports are sent via email and hard copy each month. WAM is also available to perform telephonic performance reviews upon client request.

Asset Management Operational & Financial Review


Wilkinson Asset management (WAM) tracks actual historic trends and forecasts performance outlooks. This data is used to coach the management company operators to maximize performance. Below is a checklist of reports used to review and coach performance:

  • Daily and Weekly Reports. These reports track the properties' day-to-day transactional business. WAM tracks the following key indicators: Occupancy, Sales (market rate, concessions, incentives), Renewals (increase, concessions, incentives), Collections, and Product delivery spend estimates.
  • Monthly Reports: The process is to receive management company month-end reports and feed them into WAM trending and forecasting tools.
  • Quarterly Reports: This process includes conducting sessions with the management company operators, reviewing all performance management tools and creating an outline for discussion with operators. During the review WAM discusses performance trends, initiatives, and forward-looking trend outlooks. WAM coaches on performance improvement and works with operators to create quarterly action plans with specific run-rate performance goals.

WAM tracks and analyzes the following key indicators for both Monthly and Quarterly Reports: Revenue, Expense, NOI, Cap-R spend, and Variance reports.

  • Run Rate Analysis
    WAM trending and forecasting tools analyze data from many angles to better understand trends. One of the primary items tracked for all of the key indicators is run rate analysis.


WAM provides coaching, leadership development, and guidance to the operators that drive performance at our properties. We believe there are two main drivers to performance coaching:

  1. Focus on Operating Fundamentals. Track and understand your business so you can focus your energies on key improvementopportunities versus "rounding up the usual suspects."
  2. Focus on People. The former OSU coaching legend Woody Hayes used to say that "you win with people." We coach, mentor, develop, parent, and cheer our teams to inspire personal best performance. We want to ensure we have the right captain running each of our assets.