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Property Management Operations

The foundation of Wilkinson Asset Management's (WAM) business is based on the highest ethical standard of our industry. This core belief prevails in all our interactions with all that we associate. We believe that you worked hard to obtain your investment and we will work hard to maximize the potential of your property. As with any successful business, we are dedicated to earning your trust and respect. We intend to earn that endorsement from you while relieving you of the burden of managing your investment.

Our excellent track record will assure you that your properties are in good hands. We are a full-service property management company. It does not matter whether you are across town or across the country, you can feel confident that we will manage your property as if you are living next door.

We offer dynamic, professional, competent and proactive management services.


  • Broad range of consumer and asset types: Conventional Multifamily, Student and University Housing, Senior Housing
  • Net Operating Income (NOI) growth
  • Operational turnarounds
  • High occupancy with rental rate growth
  • Portfolio repositioning and development
  • Value enhancement strategies
  • Operating standards designed to consistently deliver benefits/performance

Revenue, Expense & Capital Drivers


Our revenue enhancement initiatives use proven techniques and automated tools to assist in identifying, quantifying, and capturing additional sources of revenue such as:

  • Achieve revenue growth over city market benchmarks
  • Establish resident quality standards, reduce accounts receivables and bad debt
  • Establish standard sales management processes, sales pipelines, sales training, and performance management
  • Achieve physical and economic occupancy goals, exceed city market benchmarks
  • Grow web mix of leads
  • Reduce call abandon rates
  • Reduce E-lead abandon rate; improve two-hour response
  • Implement e-mail driven Customer Experience multiple touch point measurement system penetration; increase Net Promoter Score
  • Lease expiration exposure and lease management
  • Increase customer duration
  • Increase customer retention while increasing rents in excess of market averages
  • Deliver differentiating resident lifestyle experiences
  • Link the behavioral/psychographic composition of the market surrounding each community to target and capture the appropriate consumer match for each; orient product/service to deliver performance and results
  • Rather than manage all communities the same, we identify the predominant segments in their market and orientate the product/service for them for enhanced revenue and expense performance


Our business assessment is an on-site review of a property's overall operation, including customer-facing and support functions, using a combination of interviews, modeling techniques, industry benchmarks, a best practice review, and a systems utilization analysis. The Wilkinson Asset Management assessment will identify process improvement and expense management strategies for immediate overall expense opportunities. Features included are:

  • Integrated unit turn production system, unit turn cycle time, and renewal resolution processes
  • Increase renewal resolution 30/60/90/120 days out
  • Reduce total unit turn cycle times
  • Minimize unit availability down time
  • Procurement system, expense containment, and centralized Accounts Payable system
  • Lead/assist redevelopment projects to achieve lease up goals and rent achievements
  • Ground-up development lease ups
  • Reduce conventional marketing costs using detailed market and demographic research conducted through industry databases and the ESRI Business Information Solutions service.
  • Implement asset specific capital budgeting and planning effort
  • Capital investment and operating cost structure informed by consumer segmentation
  • Liability and environmental issues closely monitored for compliance (OSHA, EPA, e...)
  • Unit-by-unit walk through inspections for planning and forecasting
  • Energy engineering cost analysis and planned reductions
  • Facilities (maintenance) cost analysis and planning to also include comprehensive RFP contract and agreement negotiation

Team Engagement & Organizational Development

Team Engagement:

We deeply appreciate the value we know is achieved through committed and engaged team members. Our talented, professional team members are fully involved and enthusiastic in delivering an exceptional client and customer experience just for you. We support their efforts by providing:

  • Core Ideology
  • Team building & leadership
  • Recruiting: servant leadership management team
  • Professional development programs designed and delivered by in-house experts
  • Onsite training and development
  • Team Member Mentorship

Organizational Development:

By working with social and technical systems such as culture, work processes, communication, and rewards, Wilkinson Asset Management delivers exceptional operating performance. To highlight just a few:

  • Comprehensive business review processes, data, and execution
  • Operating staff structure that places more functional resources close to properties (Finance, Sales, Marketing, Service, HR, Training)
  • Product line management organization to handle portfolio complexities
  • Forward-looking revenue metrics
  • Revenue management process and systems
  • Media evaluation and buying processes; demand based forecasting and close rates
  • Budgeting, operating and marketing plans, and repositioning strategies established and developed for implementation within thirty days of transition